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Learn More About Baytown, TX

One of the few peninsulas in Texas, Baytown possesses a rare trait not present in many cities located within the Lone Star State: cool weather. Wedged between Galveston and Trinity Bay, the city of Baytown not only enjoys lower temperatures then most of Texas, it also gives its residents access to mile after mile of scenic coastal roads. The city also has many great landmarks, like the Battleship Texas, the country’s first battleship memorial museum, and Houston Raceway Park, a popular drag racing strip featuring weekly races. Those looking for a quiet day out on the links need not look any further than the famous eighteen-hole Evergreen Point Golf Course, which is a popular place to tee of among many well-known Houston lawyers.

When you’re not relaxing in the cool breeze, Baytown is also a terrific place to find a lot of qualified attorneys. Baytown lawyers practice in many different fields of law, including: personal injury, divorce, child custody, employee benefits law, wrongful termination, probate, DUI, insurance, and immigration law.

A Baytown resident was recently denied reimbursement from his home insurance company for property that was destroyed in an electrical fire. The resident was asleep when some faulty wiring ignited a fire in his living room. The fire spread throughout most of his first floor. When the resident sought reimbursement for his lost valuables, the insurance company refused, claiming the fire started due to a lit cigarette that wasn’t properly extinguished. The company denied his claim without sending an expert to investigate the cause of the fire. The resident contracted a Baytown attorney to represent him in a lawsuit against the company. The attorney successfully demonstrated to the court that the company acted in bad faith by refusing to investigate the actual cause of the fire, which resulted in the company settling out of court with the resident for an undisclosed amount of money.

Residents of Baytown who want to file a lawsuit must submit their claim to the Harris County Courts. There are many different courts within the Harris County court system. Civil matters are handled in a separate court from criminal matters. There is also a separate probate court.

Navigating through the Harris County Courts on your own is difficult, so you’ll definitely need a knowledgeable Baytown lawyer to help you. LegalMatch can help you find the correct lawyer for your specific legal issue. Our free attorney-client matching service is carefully tailored to ensure that you’ll always end up with a lawyer that’s the right match for your case.

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