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Learn More About Weatherford, TX

Weatherford is a city in the northern part of Texas and is the seat of Parker County. The city prides itself on having close and healthy community relations and a traditional way of family life amidst progress, hence its motto: “Growing with Tradition”. Having over 31,000 occupants, as recorded by the 2017 estimates of the US Census Bureau, Weatherford is one of the least populated cities in the state. This makes its “community ties” very tight and well-kept. The city is ranked 101st as of 2017 in Texas in terms of population.

Weatherford is known for its shopping district and its city-owned Chandor Gardens. There is also an astounding amount of Victorian-themed architecture and homes all around the city, creating a very relaxing and time-bending experience for visitors and locals alike.

Upholding the law and keeping its citizens safe is something the authorities in Weatherford value greatly. The crime rate in Weatherford is 30% lower than that of the national average and 35% lower than the average of the state of Texas. Among other crimes and misdemeanors, property crime and violent crime are the two most common cases that affect the city.

There are many competent lawyers in Weatherford who specialize in criminal defense, family law, business law, and property law among others. For more information on legal matters, visit the Weatherford Public Library located in 1014 Charles Street. For your convenience, you can also check out the LegalMatch Law Library which houses over 10,000 articles that can help you in your research.

Should you require more in-depth and hands-on assistance, you can visit the Legal Aid of Northwest Texas. The Freedom House and Hope, Inc. Women’s Shelter caters to domestic violence and family law concerns.

If you are facing a time-sensitive legal issue, it’s always worth it to hire the services of a knowledgeable attorney. Weatherford lawyers need to know the ins and outs of the courts in Parker county. But with so many lawyers in Weatherford to choose from, it can be difficult to pinpoint the most qualified lawyer willing to take your case.

LegalMatch can connect you with the right Weatherford lawyer for your case. Just post your case at and you will be matched with pre-screened Weatherford attorneys interested in fighting for your cause.

LegalMatch only deals with qualified and experienced lawyers to assure the safety and satisfaction of those who need the legal assistance they deserve.

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