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Learn More About Haltom City, TX

Haltom City is a Tarrant County suburb of Fort Worth, Texas that was incorporated in 1949. The city has grown to over 40,000 residents who are protected by 80 Haltom City Police Officers. Some of the best barbeque restaurants and shopping outside of Fort Worth are located in Haltom City making it popular among professionals.

Haltom City has a case of knowledgeable lawyers who are very familiar with the local courts. Lawyers in Haltom City take a broad mix of cases like malpractice, immigration visa, DUI, chapter 7 bankruptcy, and domestic relations cases like child support or divorce.

Recently in Haltom City, resident Deborah Alice Alexander was charged with a misdemeanor after calling 911. Alexander allegedly called the emergency hotline to report that the extra shrimp she ordered didn’t make it onto her shrimp friend rice. Abusive 911 calls have been a problem nationwide and prosecuting the offense has become more prevalent. Offenders face heavy fines and misdemeanor charges in Texas.

If you have pending criminal charges in Haltom City then you will probably be visiting the Tarrant County District Court. District courts in Texas retain a broad jurisdiction but are solely responsible for hearing administrative agency appeals and domestic relations cases. District courts are the highest trial level courts available and rule on tort, contract, real property, criminal charges including felony cases, and juvenile matters too. The U.S. Immigration Court for Haltom City is located in Dallas, Texas and is responsible for hearing all immigration matters.

LegalMatch is the best way to find a Haltom City lawyer who can handle your case. LegalMatch services are free and can help even if you’re just looking to do some research. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers many great resources like tips on selecting the right lawyer for you, an online law library, and forums on nearly every legal issue. Check out our law blog to read what the top legal professionals have to say about current events.

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