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The Texas Gulf Coast region is drastically different from inland Texas. The Gulf Coast offers beaches, surfing, great boating and fishing, in addition to being considered one of the United States’ top bird watching areas. There are numerous Texas lawyers in this region that use LegalMatch to defend and manage their clients legal issues.

The Texas Gulf Coast region also plays host to a number of talented lawyers who take a diverse variety of cases including bankruptcy, wrongful termination, divorce, wrongful termination, and DUI cases.
Recently in the Gulf Coast, a lawsuit in Galveston County was filed on behalf of 23 plaintiffs who allege they were falsely denied claims for shingle damages that should have been covered by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Jane Chance is one of the 23 original plaintiffs of the case and has been forced to pay $20,000 for two separate repairs to her shingles after Hurricane Ike broke the seal that binds the asphalt shingles together. The shingles must be sealed for homeowners to pass insurance inspections and qualify for coverage after each storm; however, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association does not cover the shingles unless they were removed by the storm, were misplaced, or were broken.
If you have a lawsuit to file in the Texas Gulf Coast, you will probably be visiting one of Texas’ many courts. The District, County, and Municipal courts handle many different types of cases. When filing a case in Texas, it’s best to consult a lawyer who can assist you with determining which court is appropriate for your case.
LegalMatch will assist you in finding the best Texas Gulf Coast lawyer for your specific case absolutely free of charge. With a great LegalCenter to do research, LegalMatch also provides forums and newsletters to keep you informed. Before hiring a lawyer, check out the Tips section because it’s full of many helpful suggestions to help you hire the best lawyer for you and your particular case.
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