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Learn More About Farmers Branch, TX

Farmers Branch is a Dallas County city that is home to 27,000 Texans. Farmers Branch gained national news attention in 2007 when they became the first municipality to enact a law that fines landlords for renting to illegal immigrants. Farmers Branch residents enjoy a close proximity to downtown Dallas and the rest of the Dallas—Fort Worth Metroplex.

A number of Farmers Branch locals are practicing lawyers who have passed the Texas Bar. Lawyers in Farmers Branch advise their clients on DUI, divorce, child custody, automobile injury, and bankruptcy cases among many others like immigration.

Recently in Farmers Branch, city counsel members voted to allow limited sales of alcoholic beverages during events in municipal parks. Selling alcohol in parks will only be legal with liability insurance, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission license, and permit. The new ordinance permits the sale of beer, wine, and frozen margaritas.

If you have an immigration case in Farmers Branch than you will be visiting the U.S. Immigration Court in Dallas or whichever is nearest to you. Dallas County District Courts can take a wide selection of cases like civil lawsuits and divorces but exclusively handle administrative agency appeals. It’s best to consult a lawyer when you’re deciding what court and division with which you should file.

LegalMatch retains an outstanding selection of Farmers Branch lawyers who can help you solve the legal issue that you face. Also, check out past customers’ rave reviews, the law library and the satisfaction guarantee.

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