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Learn More About Atascocita, TX

Atascocita is a young city; construction began during 1970. Atascocita today is home to a number of Harris County Residents who commute into nearby Houston, Texas and enjoy bordering Lake Houston. Atascocita is home to the Pam Lychner State Jail for men, a 2200 bed facility that also has an additional 450 beds for their residential probation program.

A number of the Atascocita locals are also reputable lawyers. Lawyers in Atascocita take a diverse selection of cases including bankruptcy, divorce, restraining order, immigration, and criminal cases like DUI cases.

Recently in Atascocita, Wal-Mart was ordered to pay $750,000 to the family of deceased Cleveland, Ohio man Stacy Driver. Driver was high on methamphetamine when he was taken down by loss prevention employees in the store parking lot. Driver had stolen $100 in merchandise and was held in the parking lot until officers arrived. When they let him off of the pavement, Driver had died from asphyxia and hyperthermia.

If you have a wrongful death case in Atascocita, you will likely be visiting a Texas Court. Texas courts have many different divisions with which to file and many different jurisdictional limitations as well. If you have a case to file, or criminal case to defend, you should consult an Atascocita lawyer who is familiar with local procedures.

The most reliable way to find a pre-certified lawyer is through the free pairing services of LegalMatch. After entering a brief synopsis of your legal issue, lawyers in Atascocita will review your case and quote you a price. The best part is that LegalMatch is free and guarantees your satisfaction. If you aren’t familiar with Atascocita or Harris County court procedures, take advantage of LegalMatch’s outstanding legal resources and do some research in the LegalCenter.

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