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Learn More About Grapevine, TX

Up until 1914 the city of Grapevine was known as Grapevine Prairie because of the mustang grapes that grow in the area. The city is home to the Grapevine High School, which has been named both a Blue Ribbon School and a New American High School, and whose football team takes its name, Mustangs, after the native fruit. As with many of the cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the population of Grapevine grew dramatically after the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was opened in the 1970s. Indeed, Grapevine may have experienced more dramatic growth than the other cities in the region because most of the airport lays within Grapevine’s city limits.

If you are facing legal troubles in Grapevine, there are many Grapevine lawyers that are able to represent you in any area of law including tax, divorce, child custody, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and any other area that you need.

In a recently settled lawsuit, a former Grapevine firefighter sued the city for disability discrimination. The firefighter contended that the city discriminated against him by not finding him a job he was able to perform after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Although the attorneys for Grapevine contended that the city was actively looking for a new job for the firefighter when he quit, and that multiple sclerosis was not severe enough to be covered by the state law against disability discrimination, they settled the matter for $55,000.

While there is not a state trial court in Grapevine, the city of Denton, which is nearby, houses the 16th District Court of Texas. Additionally, the Second Court of Appeals of Texas is in Fort Worth, just a little way south of Grapevine. Depending on your lawsuit, you may be required to report to either of these courts. If so, you want a knowledgeable Grapevine attorney to represent you.

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