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Learn More About Rosenberg, TX

Rosenberg is located in Fort Bend County in the state of Texas. It has a population of about 33,000, and was named after Henry von Rosenberg, an immigrant from Switzerland during the 1840’s. The city lies in what is known as the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown Metropolitan Area, or “Greater Houston”.
Rosenberg was incorporated in 1902, and was historically a cotton and ranching area. Over time the discovery of oil and sulphur in the area led to a shift in the city’s economy from agricultural to oil and sulphur mining industries. Two features of the city are the Brazos River, and the international railroad, both of which were focal points for the town’s settlement and economy. Today, the Rosenberg Railroad Museum and the Bud O’Shieles Community Center are currently local areas of interest for visitors and tourists.
In recent Rosenberg news, over 600 concerned Rosenberg residents gathered in 2008 to discuss the effects of the Trans-Texas Corridor on their property rights. The Trans-Texas Corridor is a proposed project to build a huge multi-state, statewide highway transportation system through various sectors of the Texas landscape, including Rosenberg. Rosenberg residents are concerned because the project will ultimately result in the taking of private property by the Texas government, including residential homes. Construction on the project has not yet begun, but Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) officials stated that the construction will definitely result in takings of private property and possible relocation of residents. In response, several residents are poised to anticipate potential legal recourse.
Property claims involving the seizure of private land by the government are known as takings and eminent domain issues. These issues can be very elaborate because they require the government to reimburse landowners for various costs and expenses.
If you are involved in a takings or an eminent domain situation, it is necessary to obtain legal representation to inform you of your rights. Using can help you find the right lawyer in the city of Rosenberg. LegalMatch is an online service that matches attorneys with clients for free.
Legal cases of all types arising in Rosenberg are filed at the Rosenberg Municipal Court. The municipal court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases and various violations of city ordinances. Appeals may be heard in the Texas First Court of Appeals
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