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Learn More About Harlingen, TX

Harlingen, Texas is located in Southern Texas in the center of the Rio Grande Valley and is part of Cameron County. It was established in 1910 with the goal of becoming a commercial waterway. Harlingen has used its location to make it a shipping, distributing, and manufacturing center for crops and goods produced in Southern Texas.

Harlingen lawyers are experienced in dealing with cases related to immigration law, especially given its location in South Texas. Also, with their proximity to the manufacturing and the distribution industry, Harlingen attorneys are experienced in the practice of products liability and personal injury law, among others. 

Attorneys in Harlingen should be familiar with the Cameron County Court system. Harlingen has one Municipal Court whose functions include hearing complaints for misdemeanors and conducting post-arrest hearings for serious offenses. Harlingen employs one full time judge and a part-time associate judge to preside over cases heard in the Harlingen Municipal Court.

LegalMatch is the ideal tool to use when deciding who should represent your case in Harlingen Municipal Court or Cameron County. Using LegalMatch’s directory of attorneys in Cameron County and Harlingen, you can review an attorney’s experience, availability and rates before deciding on your representation.

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