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There are around 8,300 lawyers in Austin.  With so many lawyers, choosing the right one can be difficult. Picking an Austin lawyer at random, or based on an advertisement in the Yellow Pages is a big risk. While you may end up hiring a lawyer who is competent and in good standing with his or her professional community, you may not. By the time you find out one way or another, it might be too late.

LegalMatch only deals with attorneys who are in good standing in their professional community. Furthermore, when you submit a case to LegalMatch, it will only be referred to an Austin lawyer who is equipped to handle it.

Find the Perfect Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

Like many cities in Texas, immigration is an important legal issue in Austin. There are many immigration attorneys in the Austin area, and LegalMatch can help you find the right one. LegalMatch also has a Spanish-language section for people who need a Spanish speaking lawyer.  Many of Austin’s Spanish-speaking lawyers also work in the area of personal injury law and focus on helping Austin residents who are more fluent in Spanish to successfully pursue or defend against a personal injury lawsuit in the local courts, which may not be fully bilingual in Spanish as well as English.

Get an Austin Child Support  Lawyer or an Austin Child Custody Lawyer

Recently, Texas assistant attorney generals and local law enforcement have been working together to crack down on Austin residents who have not been paying child support.  They have been successful in procuring arrest warrants from Austin courts for people that only owe a few hundred dollars in missed chid support payments.  The only way for these local residents to avoid being arrested for not paying child support is to hire an Austin child support lawyer or an Austin child custody lawyer to challenge overly high payment requirements or actual custody of the child.

If you are seeking basic legal information for your Austin legal matter, the LegalMatch Law Library is a good place to start. It has over 3,300 articles on many legal subjects, and they are written in plain language, with the general public in mind.

If you are looking for more detailed information, there are other options in the Austin area. The Texas State Law Library in Austin is open to the public. Another public law library is the Travis County Law Library.

Most lawsuits in Austin will be filed with the Travis County Civil District Court. To ensure that documents and lawsuits are filed at the right location, it is advisable to contact the court well ahead of time to ensure that you know where to file your particular document.

Check out Lawyer Referral Services in Travis County, TX to learn more about your options.

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