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Learn More About Beaumont, TX

Beaumont’s fortunes began as a lumber and cattle ranching town. With the discovery of oil, however, Beaumont’s fortunes shifted dramatically. The area was home to one of the largest oil fields in the country, and the city today is still home to wealthy oil magnates and oil companies.

Lawyers in Beaumont practice in criminal law, divorce law, bankruptcy law, wills and trusts, immigration law, and a variety of other practice areas. Beaumont lawyers are currently on both sides of a lawsuit against the Beaumont police department. A female SWAT officer is alleging that the police department discriminated against her based on her gender, and encouraged sexual harassment against her to pressure her to resign. The lawsuit is ongoing in the Jefferson County Courts. It’s a common practice for a Beaumont attorney to receive referrals from a Houston personal injury lawyer.

Local Beaumont attorneys are familiar with Jefferson County Courts, as well as the local Beaumont legal field. The vast majority of cases do not make it to trial, so an attorney’s ability to negotiate on your behalf with his colleagues and other local legal professionals is just as important as his ability to advocate for you in the court room.

If you would like to speak with a Beaumont attorney, it is important that your attorney understands your legal situation. With LegalMatch, you can be assured that you will find the right attorney for your case, for free. Our unique service will match you to local pre-screened Beaumont lawyers that know how to handle your legal issue. With our service, we bring the attorneys to you.

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