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Mesquite lies in northern central Texas, in Dallas County and within the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.  The approximately 136,770 residents of Mesquite are blessed with upwards of 220 days of sunshine per year and mild weather.  Mesquite has been called the “Rodeo Capital of Texas,” and attracts many visitors with the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, which includes an Exhibition Hall, a Convention Center, and hotel accommodations.  Additionally, Mesquite serves as headquarters for id Software (a popular video game producer) and the Texas A&M University-Commerce Metroplex Center. 

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Recently, concerns over the reliability of eyewitness identification and DNA evidence were raised by candidates running for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  These issues were first brought to the public’s attention when a large number of Texas prisoners, including 18 people in Dallas County, were exonerated of crimes by DNA evidence.  Public criticism has also focused on Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller’s decision to deny a death row inmate’s appeal, despite a decision the same day by the U.S. Supreme Court to cease executions while it examined the constitutionality of lethal injections. 

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