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Learn More About Laredo, TX

Laredo ranks number 88 in the top 100 cities in population in the United States. There are an estimated 230,000 people living in the city. The area’s educational institutions include the Laredo Community College and Texas A&M International University. Laredo also has two prominent golf courses: the Laredo County Club and the Case Blanca Golf Course.

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Laredo Lawyers are diverse in the areas of practice. One may find a Laredo attorney practicing in wills& trust, criminal law, family law, employment, real estate, business and many more. It is necessary to have an attorney who is experienced in the field that you need.

A Laredo resident will soon stand trial for the murder of a man in Los Angeles which occurred nearly 33 years ago. A co-felon testified that he followed Garcia (the accused) at the night of the incident and saw Garcia toss away the gun. Garcia was caught trying to buy a handgun from a Laredo pawn shop.

Criminal cases, such as the one above, will be filed in the Southern District of Texas District Court. Bankruptcy cases in Laredo will be taken to the Southern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court. These courts are very different, so you should make sure your attorney is familiarity with the local courts.

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