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Located on the South Texas coast, Corpus Christi’s wide array of activities and beautiful weather attracts numerous visitors and new residents alike. Corpus Christi is the eighth largest city in Texas, and definitely one of the most picturesque.

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Corpus Christi lawyers can help you in bankruptcy, real estate, personal injury, criminal defense, and many others legal fields. Attorneys in Corpus Christi are currently on both sides of a discrimination lawsuit filed by a former police officer. The officer claims that the police department improperly handled an investigation of a local attorney who allegedly impersonated a police officer. He was then made a scape-goat for the investigation and fired.

Lawyers in Corpus Christi are familiar with the Nueces County court system. If you have a case in the Nueces County court house, you may be better served by local Corpus Christi attorneys who know the lay of the land. A lawyer in Corpus Christi will be familiar with the local rules, judges, court staff, and other attorneys in the area and therefore may be able to more efficiently handle your case.

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