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Denton County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States with its population growing over 40% from 2000 to 2007. In addition, Denton County has a great education system that produces many stellar students who go on to colleges across the nation.

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Denton County is home to a number of very talented Denton County lawyers who are available to represent you in your lawsuit. These legal professionals are versed in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, DUI, traffic tickets, estate planning, real estate, rental agreements, and more.

The Texas Motor Speedway has filed a lawsuit against Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) in a Denton County District Court seeking the return of the $2.1 million purse it paid to CART because CART decided to cancel the race two hours before it was set to begin. CART contends that it is entitled to the money because it was set to run the race, but canceled it due to concerns for driver safety. The brief filed with the Denton County Court argues on behalf of Texas Motor Speedway that they are entitled to a return of the purse money as well as damages resulting from their advertisement and promotion of the canceled race.

Denton County is served by six different district courts – the 158th, the 16th, the 211th, the 362nd, the 367th, and the 393rd. If you are involved in a legal action in this county, you may have to report to any of these courts, each of which has different judges with their own personalities. Having a lawyer representing you who knows the judges' prior rulings can help your case out.

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