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Comal County is located in the heart of the state and is a beautiful place to live and work. The blockbuster movie Secondhand Lions was primarily shot in Comal County. With many great parks with lakes, the county is a popular draw for families looking for a nice vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life.
If you need to talk with an attorney while you are in Comal County, there are many talented Comal County lawyers to choose from. These legal professionals often practice in areas of law such as contracts, business, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, wills and estates, automobile accidents, head injuries, and many more.
The mother of a twelve-year-old Comal County boy who was struck and killed by a pickup truck when he got off his school bus recently sued the Comal County school district claiming that the bus stop where her son got off was in violation of Texas laws that prohibit school bus stops along highways. The boy died when he got off his school bus on a Comal County highway and a pickup truck that was behind the bus swerved onto the shoulder to pass, striking and killing the boy in the process. Although the man has already been sentenced to 11 years of prison for vehicular manslaughter, the mother of the boy is suing the school district because the bus stop where her son got off was allegedly not located where it should have been. According to the Texas Transportation Code, a school bus is not allowed to drop off or pick students up along highways.
When you go to file your lawsuit that arose in Comal County, you will likely file your suit in the Comal County District Court. While it may seem a simple process to get your lawsuit started, finding all the relevant facts for your case can take a lot of time, but a local attorney can speed this up for you.
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