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Learn More About Ocala, FL

Like many cities and towns in Florida, Ocala began as a military outpost in the Seminole Wars. Ocala today boasts some of the world’s most prestigious thoroughbred stables. It is a popular tourist destination for Silver Springs, a 350 acre park famous for its untouched natural beauty and remarkably pure springs. Ocala is also home to the Ocala division of the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Ocala lawyers can help you with any legal issue. These include criminal law, immigration law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, wills and trusts law, and family law, among others. Famous cases in Ocala include the continuing wrongful death suit in federal court against TV host Nancy Grace. In an interview in 2006, Grace grilled the mother of a missing child about the child’s whereabouts and her refusal to take a lie detector test. The mother killed herself shortly after, and Grace still aired the interview. The trial judge recently denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, and testimony will soon begin.

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