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Learn More About Manatee County, FL

Unofficially founded in 1855, Manatee County is named for the large aquatic sea mammal commonly referred to as "sea cows." Manatee County is located in Florida’s Citrus Belt, with over 18,500 acres of commercial citrus groves throughout the county. Manatee County has 264,000 residents in its 893 square miles. The county boast 150 miles of coastline and over 27 miles of beaches, with an average high ranging from 72 degrees in January to 91 degrees in August.
Manatee County is home to six distinct cities: Braden and Palmetto on the mainland, Anna Maria, Braden Breach, Holmes Beach and Longboat Key on the barrier islands. Manatee County’s warm climate and abundance of outdoor activities make it a haven for residents and visitors alike, who enjoy such attractions as the Mote Marine Laboratory, South Florida Museum, and the Gamble Plantation.
Numerous Manatee County lawyers have chosen to make this quiet community their home. Lawyers in Manatee County have experience dealing with a wide range of legal matters, including family, business, criminal, immigration, and personal injury.
Manatee county officials recently faced allegations of grossly illegal conduct by a local environmental group. Manatee County lawyers representing local citizens and environmental groups argue that the Manatee County Commission shut local citizens out of its public deliberations on the Altman Tract strip mine by courting the Mosaic Phosphate mining company with private meetings. The Commission ultimately rezoned the area in which the mine was to be located from agricultural to open-pit phosphate mining, even though the mine is located in the sensitive Peace River watershed. The lawsuit is ongoing.
Florida is divided into 20 judicial circuits, comprised of circuit, county, and district courts. Lawyers in Manatee County typically argue their case in the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida, the 2nd District Court of Appeal, or the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida court system is complex, and each court has its own rules and procedures. A local Manatee County lawyer can help you to navigate this complex system and avoid any possible procedural mistakes.
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