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Learn More About Port Charlotte, FL

Port Charlotte is a Census Designated Place along the western side of the state of Florida. It is a great place to raise a family as all of the schools in Port Charlotte have received an “A” from the state department of education. Port Charlotte is home to the Charlotte Stone Crabs which is an affiliate member of the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team.

If you need legal advice in Port Charlotte, there are a number of talented Port Charlotte lawyers who are ready to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, DUI, tax, divorce, real estate, wills, water, and more.

A Port Charlotte attorney is currently representing a woman who claims that she was sexually molested while getting a massage. The woman claims that the male masseuse who gave her the massage touched her inappropriately while he was giving her the service. The Port Charlotte attorney believes that there is a strong case against the defendant because he has been suspended from practicing his service in the past for other similar violations. Adding to the evidence is the fact that the masseuse gave the woman her money back and asked her not to report him to the management of the company he was working for.

If you need to file your lawsuit that arose in Port Charlotte, you will likely do so in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida. Gathering all of the necessary documents for your lawsuit can take a long time and can be very difficult, but a local attorney can make this process easier for you.

There are many ways that you could find a Port Charlotte lawyer to represent you, but perhaps the best is We offer you a free matching service where you will not only find the right lawyers for your lawsuit, but you can read detailed attorney profiles and past client reviews which can allow to choose the best legal professional for your situation.

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