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Learn More About Lakeside, FL

Lakeside is an unincorporated area in Orange Park. Lakeside is home to about 31,000 Clay County residents who enjoy a close proximity to Jacksonville attractions without the traffic of a major city. Lakeside is also near well known Clay County museums like the Black Heritage Museum and Clay County Historical and Railroad Museum.
Lakeside is home to a number of lawyers who are bar certified and knowledgeable of local courts. Lawyers in Lakeside take a lot of different kinds of cases: bankruptcy, child protection, green card immigration, real property, and criminal cases like DUI and assault cases among others.
Recently in Lakeside, the Allied Veterans of the World, a non-profit group that uses a loophole in Florida’s State lottery laws, filed a lawsuit seeking injunctions against Pinellas, Clay, Seminole, Marion, and Jackson County Sheriffs Departments. Sheriffs departments have raided and shut down most of the internet cafes run by the Allied Veterans of the World.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Clay County then you will be heading to the Clay County Circuit Court that handles a wide variety of cases but has exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, probate, domestic relations, juvenile, and criminal felony cases. The Clay County General Court handles small claims, misdemeanor hearings, and traffic violations excluding parking.
LegalMatch is a free service that pairs you with reputable bar certified lawyers in Lakeside. If you’re looking to do some research then check out the Law Library that has 4,000 relevant articles as well as the Legal Forums that allow you to post more specific and complex questions that may not be covered in the library.

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