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Learn More About North Fort Myers, FL

North Fort Myers, FL is commonly known as the “Gateway to Lee County” and is the largest unincorporated area in Lee County at 70 square miles. Located near the coast, tourist destinations, and with abundant beautiful weather, it’s no surprise there is a large population of seasonal residents and tourists. North Fort Myers also features the Shell Factory, which contains the largest collection of shells and coral.

Recently, a man arrested in North Fort Myers died in custody from jailers’ alleged excessive use of pepper spray. The jailers reportedly refused him water and ignored his pleas for medical attention after spraying him ten times with pepper spray over the course of 48 hours. The victim was also apparently suffering from several medical conditions that contributed to his death. His wife has begun pre-suit proceedings for a wrongful death lawsuit against both the sheriff’s office and the jail health services.

North Fort Myers is part of the 20th Circuit Court, located in Fort Myers, and the 2nd District Court, located in Lakeland. Lawyers in North Fort Myers can assist you with all of your legal needs including DUI, divorce, estate planning, and civil actions in the Circuit Court, and with any appeals in the District Court.

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