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Learn More About Lee County, FL

Lee County, Florida, the Spring Training for a number of Major League Baseball teams, plays host to many diehard baseball fans. Both the Red Sox and the Twins call Fort Myers in Lee County their home for their pre-season festivities. The area attracts a huge amount of tourists and fans during March to watch their favorite players get in shape for the coming season.

In the News: Attorneys in Lee County recently litigated several cases of Lee County workers who claimed they were fired because they were whistleblowers. The employees were fired for alleged racial discrimination, and are now claiming they were fired in retaliation for their answers during an investigation of the company. Under federal law, a worker who is fired for whistle blowing can be reinstated and even receive damages and back pay.

Information About the Court System in Lee County, FL

If you need to file your lawsuit that arose in Lee County, you will likely do so in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. Getting all of the necessary documents for your case can be difficult and time consuming, but a local attorney can make this process easier for you.

Lee County’s circuit court is located in the 20th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.Most civil and criminal courts in the state of Florida occur in the circuit court level. The circuit courts are courts of general jurisdiction which hold matters such as major criminal offenses, domestic matters, probate issues, civil cases involving amounts that are greater than $15,000.

You can also use the Florida’s Attorney Referral System if you want to be matched up by a lawyer or you can use LegalMatch to help you find a lawyer around your area who specialized in the area of law that you have an issues with. These lawyers are skilled in a variety of areas of law such as corporate, bankruptcy, tax, personal injury, product liability, DUI, divorce, criminal defense, and many more.

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