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Learn More About Hernando County, FL

Named in honor of Hernando DeSoto, Hernando County is one of Florida‘s true state treasures. One of Florida’s original territorial counties, today Hernando County is a much smaller version of its former self. It was originally a much larger county and was one of Florida’s original territorial counties. Hernando County is rich with natural parks, forests, and pristine coastal wildlife.

In the News: A Hernando County resident recently sued tobacco giants Phillip Morris and Liggett Group for their role in his development of emphysema. John Rizzuto, a former mail carrier in Hernando County, has been a smoker for many years and finally decided to sue the makers of cigarettes following the Florida Supreme Court’s decision in the Engle case, where Howard Engle was successful in suing tobacco companies for his health complications. This is the first tobacco lawsuit in Hernando County courts.

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