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Learn More About North Miami Beach, FL

People in the state of Florida know exactly what NMB means. It stands for the city of North Miami Beach, a far cry from its original name of Fulford, which came into life as residents banded together to create the city in answer to a 1926 hurricane which put an end to the real estate boom in the state.

You wouldn’t know there was such a boom and a recession when you compare it to the decades long trend that has made big, modern condominium buildings blooming all over NMB and the Miami metropolitan area. This trend is still ongoing, and could even spike up in the near future.

No matter its reputation for being a city with a higher crime index than most other cities of the same size in the United States, a lot of people choose to live in NMB. Why? You just have to look at its picture-perfect beaches on a postcard to understand why. Also, the city itself is a peaceful one that unfortunately experiences crime fallout from organizations operating in the Miami-Dade County area.

The city government is tireless in its effort to fight crime. The numerous beaches, oceanfront condos, and tourist attractions reflect this. These areas are well protected and long time residents are vigilant against neighborhood crime. In time, there is hope that problems with racial tension and politics can go down and eventually lower the crime rates.

That being said, NMB offers a wide variety of information resources, not the least of which is the North Miami Beach Public Library, which doubled in size in 1994. The city also supports widespread and tech-intensive information platforms for its citizens.

There are plenty of lawyers in the city and its immediate region. A lot of these are offering discounted or pro bono services. The leading providers include Dade
Legal Aid, Dade Put Something Back Pro Bono Project, Catholic Charities Legal Services and many more.

In one famous lawsuit, Glatze Militum, a gun store, successfully sued the city of NMB, which paid a $12,000 settlement in 2018 and thereafter changed the city codes on gun store regulations.

If you reside in North Miami Beach and require legal help, LegalMatch can connect you with a North Miami Beach lawyer. LegalMatch screens its lawyers, so you can be assured that your North Miami Beach lawyer is bar certified and knows how to handle your legal needs. Simply complete a case intake form online, and let a LegalMatch agent find the perfect lawyer for you.

Additionally, if you would like to conduct some background research on your legal issue, feel free to read through the LegalMatch Law Library which has comprehensive articles on a wide variety of legal issues.

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