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Learn More About Titusville, FL

The city of Titusville is located in Brevard County, Florida. It has a population of 44,000 and serves as the county seat for Brevard. Founded in 1867 and officially incorporated in 1887, Titusville is nicknamed “Space City, USA” due to the large amount of space research and frequent space shuttle launches that are conducted in the area.
Titusville has benefited greatly from the tourism that the space programs bring in to the area. Each spring the city also hosts the Warbird Air Show, which typically attracts anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 spectators. Other popular places to visit in Titusville are the U.S. Space Walk of Fame and Museum, and the Titusville Commercial District. Titusville is expected to continuing growing in size and population, as the city has implemented Titusville 2020, which makes plans for future community developments.
The development of Titusville has also been the attention of recent legal news. In June of 2010, the city of Titusville has resumed negotiations with a developer over an illegal tree removal at the Sterling Forest site. The dispute is over 6 years old, as the initial claim was filed in 2004 when the city’s municipal code enforcement board found the company guilty of clearing and removing trees without a permit. The developer, Sterling Forest LLC, has already paid the city $20,000 for violations of the city code. Negotiations have been reopened because Sterling has apparently failed to resolve some of the issues surrounding the violations.
Legal claims involving land use are important because they involve several overlapping laws put forth by the state as well as local municipalities. If you feel you are involved in such a dispute, or any legal issue for that matter, it is important that you obtain an attorney. There are many lawyers serving the Titusville area, and can match you with the right one for your case. LegalMatch is a free online service that matches attorneys with clients.
Lawsuits and other legal matters may be resolved at the Brevard County Court. The county court has limited jurisdiction over various criminal and civil matters. More complex claims can be filed at the Florida 18th Judicial Circuit Court.
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