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Learn More About Florida Keys, FL

The Florida Keys are a group of about 1,700 islands off the southern tip of the Florida peninsula. Key West is the most popular city to visit in the Florida Keys and was recently featured on MTV’s “The Real World.” The Florida Keys are known for their temperate climate and sandy resorts.
The Florida Keys are also home to a number of experienced lawyers as well. Lawyers in the Florida Keys are knowledgeable of local courts and take a wide range of cases, some typical examples include DUI, divorce, personal injury, contract dispute, and bankruptcy cases in addition to drafting wills and trusts.
Recently in the Florida Keys, an 18-year-old boy from St. Petersburg had to be cut from the wreckage of a county owned Chevrolet S-10 pickup after allegedly stealing the pickup with a friend. The pickup was involved in 5 separate crashes while speeding down University Avenue at what looked like 100 mph to bystanders. Officers said the driver, Perry O. Swinton Jr., would be brought up on multiple different traffic charges for excessive speed and reckless endangerment in addition to auto theft and other charges.
If you are looking to file a lawsuit or for divorce in the Florida Keys, it’s most likely that you will be visiting a Florida Circuit Court or County Court. Florida Courts have filing guidelines that you must obey and it’s crucial that you file your case with the correct court and division.
The best way to ensure your case is being handled correctly is by hiring a pre-certified lawyer from LegalMatch. The attorney-client matching services are free and they even offer great research materials like the LegalMatch Law Library. Check out our Forums Section to post specific legal questions and start a discussion.
For more information on Florida Keys lawyers and courts, please see the links below:
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  • Florida Bar Association

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