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Learn More About Palm Valley, FL

Palm Valley is a census designated place in Florida that is home to 20,000 St. Johns County residents. The Palm Valley area officially covers 14 square miles but much of it is deep woods and swamps that were a haven for prohibition era distillers. Palm Valley today is mostly comprised of luxury resorts, high rise condominiums, and shopping centers adjacent to the inter-coastal waterways.
You may not guess it but Palm Valley is a great place to find a lawyer who is well acquainted with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in Palm Valley take a diverse selection of work including bankruptcy, personal injury, child custody, immigration visa, and criminal cases like felony and DUI/DWI charges.
Recently in Palm Valley, a St. Johns County couple whose beach home’s foundation is now damaged from erosion is suing the Army Corps for $1.6 million. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. Federal Court and alleges that the eroding beach under their home is a direct result of dredging too much sand off shore. In the court response, Army Corps engineers said that the couple was basing their argument on outdated studies and surveys.
If you have a case to file in Palm Valley, you’ll probably end up at the St. Johns County Circuit Court. Florida Circuit Courts are the highest level trial court with which you are allowed to file and they retain exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, criminal felony and appeals cases, mental health, probate, and civil appeals. Circuit courts also have jurisdiction over juvenile, tort, real property, contract, and civil cases. If you have an immigration issue in Palm Valley, you’ll be visiting a Florida U.S. Immigration Court.
LegalMatch is home to America’s original client-lawyer matching service that is home to a bevy of helpful resources that are all free. LegalMatch will pair you with a reputable lawyer in Palm Valley who can handle your case and is familiar with your local courts. Find out more about your case by checking it out in the Law Library or post a question in our Legal Forums.
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