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Coral Gables, one of the first planned communities in the U.S. sitting just south of Miami, is today known as “The City Beautiful.” Located among Coral Gables’ Mediterranean Revival-style buildings are the nation’s largest tropical botanical garden, the University of Miami, 22 parks, and several historical landmarks including the Biltmore Hotel.
Keeping with its tradition of business and education excellence, numerous Coral Gables lawyers have the skills and background necessary to successfully handle business, employment, immigration, real estate, wills trust and estates, and any other legal matter that you may face.
In the city famous for its strict zoning laws, Coral Gables attorneys recently argued both sides of a suit claiming a city ordinance was unconstitutional. At the time, Coral Gables law prohibited parking a “truck” anywhere at any time in a residential area (including driveways) or on a public street between 7:00p.m. and 7:00 a.m.; a resident had parked his truck on the street overnight in violation of the law. The ordinance was upheld at the trial court; however, the Court of Appeal found that the city had overstepped its bounds by limiting personal behavior.
Florida is divided into 20 judicial circuits, which encompass circuit, county, and district courts. Coral Gables attorneys are part of Miami-Dade County’s court system, and normally file cases in the Coral Gables District Court, the Circuit court of the 11th Judicial Circuit, or the 3rd District Court of Appeal. Given that Miami-Dade is the nation’s 4th largest trial court, its size and complexity make it wise to consult with a local Coral Gables attorney about your case. can help you to make an informed decision in choosing the right lawyer. Our Web site provides tips on hiring the right attorney and general information on various law topics. Our free service also allows you to review the availability, experience, and track record of pre-screened attorneys with knowledge in specific areas of law relevant to your issue. Let LegalMatch help you avoid the frustration and intimidation often associated with finding the right attorney.
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