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Learn More About Sarasota County, FL

Originally explored by Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto, Sarasota County is today a coveted destination for tourists and new residents alike. Siesta Key in Sarasota was ranked the #3 beach in the United States, and the area is generally known for its amazing weather, clean water, and popular resorts.

Lawyers in Sarasota County can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury, real estate transactions, divorce, wills and trusts, and many more.

Sarasota did not escape scrutiny in the rash of lawsuits that followed almost every election since 2000. In 2006 a lawsuit was filed over the loss of approximately 18,000 votes in a race for a local House of Representatives seat. The suit alleged shoddy oversight of new electronic voting machines, but was not successful in getting a new vote.

Most cases in Sarasota County originate in the Sarasota County court, part of Florida’s 12th Judicial District. If you have a case in Sarasota County you will need an attorney familiar with the specific rules and procedures of courts in Sarasota County.

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