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Learn More About Lakeland, FL

Lakeland is located in Polk County and serves as the primary city for the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Area.  Lakewood lies about halfway between the well-known cities of Orlando and Tampa.  Lakeland is home to approximately 89,000 residents, who have access to a number of historic sites, including the Polk Theatre, the Park Trammell Building, and the Polk Museum of Art.  Additionally, Lakeland residents are surrounded by many beautiful parks, including Hollis Gardens, Allen Kryger Park, and the Barnett Children’s Park.

Recently, officials announced that the office manager for the former law firm of Moore and Waksler is facing embezzlement charges.  Angela Marie Dees was charged with 259 felonies for depositing law firm funds into her personal bank account.  Specifically, Dees was charged with 129 counts of grand theft, 114 counts of wire fraud, 16 counts of writing forged checks, and two misdemeanor counts of petty theft.  Detectives are not finished investigating as they have not yet traced all of the missing funds.

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