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Learn More About Orange County, FL

Well known for its many attractions, such as Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando Resort, Orange County Florida is a popular tourist destination as well as one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Orange County may owe much of its success to its excellent decision to change its name. When Florida was originally founded, Orange County was known as Mosquito County. Not being the most desirable name for a county, Orange County decided to take up a new moniker. The area was well known for the production of Oranges, something the entire state is famous for, and the new name stuck. 

There are over 3,000 attorneys in Orange County. Orange County lawyers can help you with criminal defense, immigration, wills and trusts, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, or any other legal problem you may be facing. Orange County attorneys were recently on both sides of a local legal battle between Florida and the Orange County that had ramifications for all residents: water. Local officials and attorneys agreed to end a lawsuit suing to preserve Orange County’s rights to local water, when it was agreed that Orange County could have first dibs on the local resource. The settlement prevented a potentially large and lengthy lawsuit.
Orange County also has some unique laws. All Orange County residents are guaranteed cable television, for instance. The County takes a very active position in regulating local cable companies, with rules specifically governing fees, the minimum number of available channels (it’s 50) and the level of customer service required by local cable operators.
Orange County cases are primarily heard in the Orange County Court system. Local Orange County attorneys will be familiar with local rules, court staff, and other Orange County lawyers. This local know how could come in handy if you have a case in Orange County.
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