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Learn More About Miami Gardens, FL

Miami Gardens plays host to 108,000 residents and is primarily a bedroom community for the City of Miami. Miami Gardens is best known for being home to the Miami Dolphins football team, Marlins baseball team, and the Orange Bowl college football game all of which play in Sun Life Stadium.
Some lawyers in Miami Dade County reside in Miami Gardens and are accustomed to the nuances of practice in the area. Lawyers in Miami Gardens consult on a varied selection of cases such as: chapter 7 bankruptcy, wrongful termination, child support, immigration visa, and criminal cases like DUI, felony, and drug charges.
Recently in Miami Gardens, Richard “Kudo” Couto helped lead a sting on illegal slaughter houses in and around the Miami Gardens area. The illegal slaughter farms are popular in the area and target horses since a large Cuban population favors the meat. Six particular illegal slaughter farms were targeted while a number of others were served as well. The task force included SPCA, Sheriff, Department of Agriculture, state, and federal officials that handed out citations that ranged from zoning and building code violations to breaches of federal law.
The Miami-Dade County Court keeps sole jurisdiction over small claims, misdemeanor, and traffic cases. If you’re looking to file divorce in Miami Gardens then you’ll be heading to the 11th Judicial Circuit Court. Florida Circuit Courts retains authority over felony, domestic relations, probate, mental health, and appeals from lower courts. If you have an immigration visa, citizenship, or deportation case then you will be visiting the U.S. Immigration Court in Miami.
LegalMatch will pair you with a highly regarded Miami Gardens lawyer who is bar certified and knowledgeable of local Miami-Dade County courts for free. By submitting a short synopsis of your case, LegalMatch is able to provide you with a list of lawyers who want to take your case. From there, you can read past clients’ reviews, check availability, see price quotes, and select with confidence because your customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out the Law Library to learn more about the issues that may surround your case.
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