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Learn More About St. Lucie County, FL

St. Lucie County, Florida, is home to many of the most scenic and challenging golf courses in Florida. Many professional golfers often practice on these golf courses during the year, like Tiger Woods. In addition, there are many institutions of higher learning in St. Lucie County, such as the Florida Atlantic University and the Indian River State College.
The St. Lucie County lawyers are experienced in many areas of law including divorce, personal injury, alimony, tax, DUI, criminal defense, intellectual property, contracts, real estate, business, child custody, and more.
The mother of a special needs student at a St. Lucie County school is suing the school district as well as some of the administrative staff injuries that her son received while at school. A video captured the incident in which a behavior coach at the school dragged the eight year old down a hallway to the front office, giving the boy bruises over his body as well as a strained shoulder. In addition to suing for the injuries, the St. Lucie County mother is seeking answers as to why a man with a criminal history was allowed become a behavior coach at her son’s school.
The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida is the primary trial court for legal matters that arise in St. Lucie County. The attorneys in the area regularly practice in this court and are familiar with the laws and procedures that will apply to your case.
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