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Learn More About Dania Beach, FL

Dania Beach is located in the southeast portion of Broward County and is home to nearly 30,000 Florida residents. Dania Beach is considered part of the South Florida metropolitan area and is home to the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum. Other Dalton attractions include Dania Jai-Alai and Boomers amusement center.
Dania Beach also plays host to a number of good lawyers. Lawyers in Dania Beach advise on bankruptcy, wrongful termination, malpractice, child custody, and criminal cases like DUI to name a few.
Recently, Dania Beach lawyer David Michael Scott was disbarred by the Florida State Bar Association. Scott was disbarred after misappropriating over $18,000 from clients’ trust funds and failing to provide services. Scott even accepted a retainer for more than $5,000 and failed to contact his client or resolve the matter. Florida bar employees tried to contact Scott but he failed to resolve the issues.
If you have a case to file in Dania Beach, you will probably be visiting the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida in Broward County. Circuit courts are responsible for handling many different kinds of cases but retain exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, felony criminal, mental health, probate, and appeals cases.
If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy Dania Beach lawyer then LegalMatch is your simple solution. LegalMatch backs all of their services with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Check out the Law Library to research more about your case.
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