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Learn More About Plantation, FL

Plantation, Florida is described as the place where, according to Plantation’s motto, “the grass is greener.” Plantation is located in Broward County and has a population of roughly 86,000 residents. The city is named after the original owners of the land, the Everglades Plantation Company. Plantation was originally meant to be a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, but because of its natural surroundings and convenient location, it has become a growing city. Today, many large companies house their world headquarters and offices in Plantation.
There is no shortage of talented Plantation lawyers to choose from. Lawyers in Plantation are experienced to handle your business and employment law cases. In addition, lawyers in Plantation represent clients in cases related to real estate, family law, bankruptcy, and criminal law.
Lawyers in Plantation will try cases in one of three courts: 17th Judicial Circuit, the Fourth District Court of Appeals, or Broward County Court. Most cases will be heard in the 17th Judicial Circuit which is a court of general jurisdiction. Cases heard in this court include: civil disputes involving $15,000 or more, will and trusts, juvenile matters, felony crimes, and real estate cases. Any cases that are appealed from the 17th Judicial Circuit will be taken to the Fourth District Court of Appeals. Finally, cases heard in Broward County Court are civil disputes that involve matters less that $15,000.
When looking for an experienced lawyer in Plantation, LegalMatch is the perfect resource. Using LegalMatch’s extensive directory of lawyers, you will be well represented no matter what the legal question is. LegalMatch allows you to review a lawyers experience, availability, and rates without any obligation.
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