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In the 1850’s, locals from nearby Newnansville anticipated that a busy railroad would be constructed in what is now Gainesville. These people planned ahead and were rewarded when railroad tracks were laid down a mere six blocks from the Gainesville town square.
These days every Florida native, and almost every College Football fan, knows of Gainesville as the home of the University of Florida. Until recently, most did not know that Gatorade was invented in the University, aptly named for its ability in aiding the Gators.
Gainesville lawyers practice in the Alachua County Court system. In the Criminal Justice Center and the Civil Justice center, Gainesville lawyers litigate criminal cases, personal injury cases, family disputes, bankruptcy hearings, and probate hearings.
Gainesville attorneys also regularly help their clients outside of court, whether it is a settlement conference with another attorney or giving legal advice in anticipation of a legal problem down the road. Often, seeking the advice of competent counsel before legal issues arise can save you time, money, and significant stress.
Gainesville lawyers recently defended a local business owner in court against a lawsuit filed by a Boston law firm. The local businessman was allegedly copying and distributing copyrighted material to University of Florida students without permission of the copyright holders. Gainesville lawyers are questioning the odd tactic of suing before asking for royalty payments, as well as pointing out that the local businessman paid $175,000 in royalty fees in the past.
If you need a lawyer in Gainesville, consider using to help you find the best one for your situation. can match you with a local Gainesville attorney for free. Simply tell about your legal issue, and we will match you with a local attorney that knows your rights and is ready to help you.
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