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Lake County, Florida, founded in 1887, contains over 1,700 water bodies and Florida’s highest point, Sugarloaf Mountain, which peaks at 312 feet above sea level. Located in the Orlando metro area, Lake County has been dubbed “Central Florida’s New Business Center”, with a majority of the growth coming from its healthcare and service sectors. Local attractions include a host of fishing and golfing activities, the IceHouse Theatre in Mount Dora, the Florida Lakes Symphony, the Leesburg Heritage Museum, and the Lake Eustis Museum of Art.

In the News: Lawyers in Lake County were recently involved in the defense of a local party company. The Walt Disney Company sued the Kool Klown Party People for trademark infringement. The complaint alleged that the company used costumes of Pooh, Tigger, and Eyeore while actively promoting them through their website, MySpace page, and Craigslist ads for parties. Disney requested that the company discontinue its promotions and send the costumes to Disney for destruction; however, the company returned the costumes to Peru for refunds, which Disney argues is clear evidence of “bad faith.” The lawsuit seeks damages of $1 million dollars and is still ongoing.

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