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Learn More About Lehigh Acres, FL

Lehigh Acres is a census-designated place in Lee County. Lehigh Acres epitomizes the 2000 housing boom and bust: more homes were built in Lehigh Acres from 2003-2007 than in the total 50 years prior to that. Unfortunately, the surge came to an end, and the median house price, peaking in 2005, dropped to less than one third of its peak in 2008 (from $322,200 to $106,900).
Lehigh Acres lawyers practice in many legal areas. One can find an attorney for cases pertaining to criminal law, personal injury, employment, family and, of course, bankruptcy and real estate. The right attorney for the right field is available to take your case.
A Lehigh Acres man was recently arrested after the local sheriff’s department uncovered a shipment of marijuana being sent to his house. The two packages totaled 20 pounds of marijuana. After intercepting the packages, officers also searched the home where the packages were addressed to, where they uncovered 26 grams of marijuana, 25 grams of crack cocaine and a high powered rifle. The case is currently ongoing.
Many criminal cases, such as the one above, will go before the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Small claims, misdemeanors and infractions will go before the Lee County Court. All courts are not created equally and your attorney’s understanding of the differences is crucial to your case.
A lot goes into finding good representation. LegalMatch is experienced in finding the right attorney for their clients. The service will pair you with an attorney who works in the legal field you need and is familiar with your geographic area. Take your case to LegalMatch to see what they can offer you.
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