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Learn More About Estero, FL

Estero was originally founded by followers of Dr. Cyrus Reed Teed, who preached a different view of the universe, arguing that humans stood on the inside of the planet and were held there by centrifugal force. While Estero might have had strange beginnings, it is no mistake that the place was established quickly and had one of the first power plants in the area that was able to distribute power across a grid.
Estero is full of accomplished attorneys. If you need legal advice, you should talk to one of the many experienced Estero lawyers who are knowledgeable in many areas of law including personal injury, bankruptcy, DUI, contracts, real estate, wills and trusts, and more.
Recently, the Italian watch company Paneri sued an Estero man claiming that he was infringing their trademark by selling counterfeit watches. The Estero man, a graduate of Estero High School, had been selling “Paneri” watches on eBay as well as his website store. The lawsuit claims that the Estero man damaged Paneri’s reputation by selling replicas of the watches. The Estero man claims that he did not know he was in violation of Paneri’s trademark when he was selling the watches online for well below their normal retail price.
Estero is served by the Twentieth Judicial Court of Florida which is a court of general jurisdiction and hears civil cases for more than $15,000 in addition to most felony criminal cases. If you have a case that in Estero, you will likely have to go to this court, and a local Estero attorney can help you out in more ways than you can imagine.
There are many ways to find a local Estero attorney, but only has a system that allows you to browse through a selection of lawyers’ credentials before hiring any of them. After using our online service, you will be able to research each attorney that wants to work on your case before you ever have to retain any of them. Get your money’s worth and check out LegaMatch today!
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