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Learn More About Palm Harbor, FL

Palm Harbor is an unincorporated community in Pinellas County, Florida. Palm Harbor is home to monthly “Palm Harbor’s First Friday Celebrations” which is a very popular event within the community. The town is located 45 minutes from downtown St. Petersburg and Tampa and is considered a residential community. Part of Palm Harbor is a historic district where numerous festivals are held.

Palm Harbor lawyers are available for almost any type of case. Attorneys in Palm Bay practice in criminal, employment, real estate, personal injury, divorce, immigration, corporate and many other fields of law. A client should take their case to an attorney who is experienced in the field of law that applies to the case.
Recently, a Palm Harbor businessman was denied bail after being accused of trying to rape an acquaintance. DeCoursy, the defendant, was placed on probation for a similar crime just one month prior to the incident. The victim claimed that DeCoursy forced the victim onto his bed and attempted to rip her clothes off as she struggled and eventually got away. DeCoursy is charged with attempted sexual battery, tampering with a witness and false imprisonment.
Cases of this nature will find themselves in the Pinellas County Circuit Court. If DeCoursy would have committed a federal offense, it would have been filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. The difference in which court you file in can be significant. It is important for your attorney to know where to file.
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