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Learn More About Land O' Lakes, FL

Land O’ Lakes is a place in Pasco County that is home to 21,000 residents but is expanding rapidly with new housing developments and centers of commerce. Many Floridians select the Land O’ Lakes area because it has top notch private and public schools.
Some Land O’ Lakes residents are also seasoned lawyers who are well acquainted with practicing in local courts. Lawyers in Land O’ Lakes are familiar with advising their clients on a wide variety of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, green card immigration, tax, and criminal cases like DUI.
Recently in Land O’ Lakes, William Edward Storey was convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) and manslaughter. Storey killed local Daniel Harrell after ramming his Mercedes into the back of Harrell’s truck and pushing it off an off ramp. Harrell was driving 55 mph when Storey hit him from behind going 78 mph which caused Harrell’s truck to roll and eject him from the cabin.
If you have a wrongful death lawsuit then you will be heading to the 6th Judicial Circuit Court that also has exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, felony cases, mental health, probate, and appeals cases from lower county courts. The Pasco County Court handles small claims cases, misdemeanors, and traffic violations excluding parking tickets.
LegalMatch will pair you with a reputable lawyer in Land O’ Lakes who can handle your case. LegalMatch lawyers are guaranteed to be bar certified. If you’re looking to do some research on the issues surrounding your case check out our Law Library that has over 4,000 articles.
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