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Learn More About Deerfield Beach, FL

Deerfield Beach is a Broward County city that is home to 76,480 residents who enjoy attractions like the Deerfield Beach Arboretum and Quiet Waters Park. Deerfield Beach was named for the numerous deer that lived in the area before it was urbanized.
Deer may be difficult to find in Deerfield Beach these days but there are a number of lawyers who now call the city home. Lawyers in Deerfield Beach advise on a wide range of legal topics, ordinary examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, real estate matters, and the drafting of wills and trusts.
Ex-Deerfield Beach City Manager Larry Deetjen has filed yet another lawsuit against the city. Deetjen was first reprimanded for making racial slurs to Ed Kirby, an African-American Palm Beach Sheriff Parking Officer. Deetjen was relieved of his position but continues to file lawsuits against the city of Deerfield Beach. In his most recent lawsuit, Deetjen demands $15,000 in compensatory damages in addition to his reinstatement as city manager. Deetjen’s last lawsuit against Deerfield Beach, which was strikingly similar in nature, was thrown out.
If you are filing a motion in Deerfield Beach, it is most likely you will visit the Broward County Court or the Broward County Circuit Court’s Civil Division. Criminal proceedings, appeals, and domestic relations cases are all heard by the 17th Judicial Circuit Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction. Small claims cases that don’t exceed the $5,000 limit, preliminary misdemeanor hearings, and traffic violations are covered by the Broward County Court jurisdiction.
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