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Learn More About Casselberry, FL

Like many Florida towns, the early days of Casselberry were rough and tumble. Florida was hostile territory for settlers from the north, and Casselberry’s first structure was a fort to protect settlers from attack during the Seminole Wars. Since then Casselberry has slowly grown until its eventual incorporation as a city in the 1960s.
Casselberry lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal law, personal injury law, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, and many others.
Casselberry lawyers unanimously cheered the ending of a lawsuit filed by a local police officer against Casselberry residents. While on call to assist in an incident where a family’s young child suffered a traumatic brain injury, the Casselberry officer slipped on a puddle near their pool. The officer sued the family for negligence for her injuries, even though the family was also currently dealing with a life changing injury to their child. The lawsuit was eventually dropped.
Lawyers in Casselberry are familiar with the ins and outs of the Seminole County Court system. Your Casselberry lawyer will also know local judges, court staff, and other attorneys in Casselberry. This local know-how could come in handy in your case.
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