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Learn More About Sarasota, FL

Famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning island chain, Sarasota is a popular tourist destination. It was also the winter home of the Ringling family. Founders of the famous Ringling Brother’s circus, their fortunes largely disappeared during the Great Depression. Their name lives on today with Sarasota’s Ringling Boulevard. 

Sarasota lawyers can help you with a variety of legal problems. These include criminal law, immigration law, personal injury law, family law, bankruptcy law, and many others.

In 2006, a few local Sarasota organizations joined with the federal government in a lawsuit against Sarasota County. The lawsuit alleged that Sarasota County was using zoning regulations to intentionally discriminate against citizens with disabilities. The 2004 zoning regulations shut down two group homes treating alcohol and substance abuse. The county settled the case for $760,000, and the group homes remained in operation.

Finding the right lawyer may be the most important step you make in solving your legal dilemma. Let remove the guesswork of finding the right Sarasota lawyer for your case. Tell about your legal issue, and we will match you with an outstanding pre-screened Sarasota attorney that is experience with your legal issue.

Different courts have different procedures. Sarasota attorneys generally practice in the Sarasota County Courts and the Twelfth Circuit Court of Florida. A competent Sarasota attorney will have experience in these court systems and know how to navigate them successfully. is here to help you find a pre-screened Sarasota attorney for you. You can also explore a wide variety of free legal resources offered in’s LegalCenter. Our LawLibrary contains 3300 legal articles that may help you get a better understanding of your legal problem. Also be sure to check out our top 20 legal tips for information on hiring a lawyer and developing a legal plan.

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