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Learn More About DeLand, FL

DeLand is the seat of Volusia County and home to Stetson University, the Museum of Florida Art, and is widely recognized for the recent renovation of the historic downtown district. DeLand plays host to a number of centers of commerce like the Brandywine Shopping Center, DeLand Flea Market, Millers Market Square, Woodland Plaza, and the West Volusia Regional Shopping Center.
DeLand has a lot to offer including some of the most reputable lawyers in DeLand that are well versed with local courts. Lawyers in DeLand admit a mixed selection of cases, some normal examples include DUI, wrongful termination, immigration, child support, and divorce cases.
Recently, DeLand native and resident Darren Daniels was charged for battery and fleeing and eluding. Daniels will now also face an additional $5,000 bail and a charge of animal cruelty. Daniels got in a fight with his girlfriend which allegedly escalated to him grabbing a pet rat, smashing it on the head, and strangling it to death in a weird turn of events. He is still being held on $8,000 bail in Volusia County Jail.
If you have a restraining order or another motion to file in DeLand, you will likely be visiting the 7th Judicial Circuit Court which has jurisdiction over many cases that arise in the DeLand area. Florida Circuit Courts take exclusive responsibility for hearing mental health, probate, felony, criminal and civil appeals cases as well as domestic relations issues like divorce and child custody issues.
LegalMatch is a free client-lawyer pairing service that helps you select a capable DeLand lawyer. LegalMatch supplies a number of research tools like blawgs, an online law library, and newsletters within the Legal Center. Also, check out the great customer satisfaction guarantee.
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