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Learn More About New Port Richey, FL

New Port Richey is named after Captain Aaron Richey who founded the Hickory Hammock city in 1915. Today, you are still able to see some of the original New Port Richey buildings including the Hacienda Hotel, which was finished in 1927 and still takes reservations.
New Port Richey is home to many respectable lawyers that take cases many cases, including immigration, trusts, personal injury, child support, and medical malpractice. Lawyers in New Port Richey can assist you with any legal issue that you may face.
New Port Richey lawyer John Renke II, a former law maker and GOP committeeman, was recently found guilty of violating election laws during his son’s judicial campaign. Renke’s $98,500 loan will cost him 60 days of legal practice, a public reprimand, and an $8,000 Florida Bar fine. The lawsuit has also already cost Renke’s son his judgeship.
If you’re filing for small claims or have misdemeanor charges pending in New Port Richey, you will be visiting the Pasco County Circuit Court in New Port Richey. The county court also retains jurisdiction over traffic and other ordinance violations. If you wish to get divorced, you will be visiting the 6th Circuit Court in the West Pasco Judicial Center in New Port Richey. The 6th Circuit Court also has exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, probate, and civil appeals cases.
It’s important to have the best New Port Richey lawyer on your side and LegalMatch is the most accurate method of pairing you with a lawyer that specializes in your particular case field. LegalMatch also offers on online legal resource center with a law library on nearly every type of case.
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