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Learn More About Pompano Beach, FL

The city of Pompano Beach is part of the South Florida metropolitan area. This city is undergoing extensive renovation of its beachfront properties in an effort to drive up interest in the real estate market there. This plan seems to be working because the city has become one of the hottest markets for vacation homes in the entire state. In addition, the Goodyear Blimp The Spirit of Innovation makes its home in Pompano Beach.
There are many experienced Pompano Beach lawyers in the area if you need legal assistance. These attorneys can advise you in many legal areas such as personal injury, automobile accidents, divorce, DUI, contracts, business, real property, and more.
A man recently filed a lawsuit against a Pompano Beach strip club claiming that he was injured while visiting the establishment. The man claims that during a performer’s dance routine, her stiletto shoe came off her foot and hit him in the head, causing him recurring injuries of headaches and nosebleeds since the incident. The man also accuses that the Pompano Beach business, named the Booby Trap, was negligent for installing glass in the ceiling, claiming that the dancer’s shoe also struck there, causing the glass to break which also caused the man injuries. The man is seeking $15,000 in damages.
If your case arose in Pompano Beach, you will probably have to file your lawsuit in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida. The attorneys in the area often practice in this court and know the procedural rules that apply there.
When you are ready to find a great Pompano Beach lawyer to take your case, you should visit We offer you a free online service that can quickly match your case to attorneys in your area that are skilled in the laws that will apply. You can also look through our LegalCenter where you will find helpful hints as well as articles about popular legal topics.
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