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Learn More About Pembroke Pines, FL

During the 1990s until 2005, the city of Pembroke Pines was one of the fastest growing cities in the country with its population more than doubling within that time. Even while this explosive population growth was happening, Pembroke Pines still took steps to make sure that its schools were some of the best in the country, even while enrolling close to 6,000 new high school students. There are many notable residents of Pembroke Pines, with perhaps one of the more famous being Manny Ramirez.
It is no surprise that Pembroke Pines is also home to a number of highly talented Pembroke Pines lawyers. These legal professions are skilled in many areas of law including personal injury, tax, business, divorce, child custody, wills and trusts, immigration, employment, and more.
A lawsuit was recently filed against Wal-Mart over an occurrence that happened in the Pembroke Pines Wal-Mart store. The plaintiff in the case was shopping for plants in the garden section of the store when he was bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake that was hiding in the plants. The plaintiff is arguing that since this has happened twice before in Wal-Mart stores in Florida, the Pembroke Pines store should have posted warning signs about the possibility of the snakes in the garden department, and that the employees of the Pembroke Pines store should have been watching for the snakes. If he wins, the plaintiff could get a verdict of well over $100,000 for his medical bills as well as his pain and suffering.
Like the case above, most lawsuits that arise in Pembroke Pines are filed in the Broward Circuit Court which hears most cases that arise in the county. Being a court of general jurisdiction, this court has the authority to hear both civil and criminal cases. If you are involved in either of these types of cases, you will want a local Pembroke Pines attorney on your side when you enter the courthouse.
If you would like to find a Pembroke Pines lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit but are not sure where to start, why not come check out, the best online legal matching service. After presenting your case through our free system, local attorneys will come to you with advice instead of the other way around. You’ve got nothing to lose, so check LegalMatch out today!
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