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Learn More About Florida Gulf Coast, FL

The Gulf Coast is a popular tourist destination in Florida and plays host to a number of beach resort towns. The Florida Gulf Coast has a number of top notch restaurants, museums, and night life.
A number of Gulf Coast residents are lawyers who are experienced with court procedures in the area. Lawyers in the Florida Gulf Coast admit a varied selection of cases like bankruptcy, wrongful termination, contract dispute, child custody, and real estate cases.
Recently in the Gulf Coast, Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White was found guilty of firing a former aide named Alyssa Ogden after she refused his sexual advances. The wrongful termination case sought nearly $150,000 in lost wages, past and future counseling session costs, and emotional suffering compensation. The jury didn’t award her lost wages but Ogden did wind up with a sizable $75,000 settlement.
If you have a sexual harassment or wrongful termination case in the Gulf Coast, you will probably be visiting a Circuit Court or County Court depending on the disputed amount and location. Each court in Florida has jurisdictions over certain cases and it’s important that you file correctly.
LegalMatch is the best way to find the Florida Gulf Coast lawyer who is best for your case and particular needs. LegalMatch can help you even if you’re just looking to do some research on your case. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers many great resources like tips on selecting the right lawyer for you, an online law library, and forums on nearly every legal issue. Also, check out our law blog for more information on pertinent legal topics.
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