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Learn More About Merritt Island, FL

Merritt Island is a Brevard County locality in the State of Florida. Merritt Island plays host to 36,000 residents, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and known best for NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center. Merritt Island gains its name from a nobleman named Merritt to which the land was bestowed by the Spanish King.
Merritt Island is home to some reputable lawyers who are familiar with local Brevard County courts and procedures. Lawyers in Merritt Island regularly consult clients on personal injury, chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, and criminal charges like DUI and felony charges.
Recently in Merritt Island, the SWAT, Sheriffs, and several police officers arrested Antonio Miguel Gonzales near the BJ’s Wholesale Club on East Merritt Avenue. Police received a call about the theft of a generator was in process at Home Depot but the man fled. Police caught up with him and a high speed chase ensued after Gonzales allegedly brandished a gun. Gonzales is being held on grand theft, fleeing and eluding officers, and other criminal charges.
If you have a divorce case to file in Florida then you will probably be heading to the Brevard County 18th Judicial Circuit Court. Florida Circuit Courts are exclusively responsible for hearing felony, mental health, probate, domestic relations, juvenile and appeals cases. The Brevard County Courts are exclusively responsible for ruling on traffic, misdemeanor, and small claims cases. Immigration issues can be filed with the U.S. Immigration Court in Miami, Florida.
LegalMatch allows you to check prices, availability, and read past clients’ reviews of the Merritt Island lawyers who’ve accepted your case. Check out the LegalCenter for forums, tips, and an online law library to do some research.
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